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A Highly Respected Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyer and Expert Witness

A legal professional with more than three decades of experience

Whether entering a real estate transaction, negotiating a settlement or facing complex litigation, the outcome of your case can have a significant impact on your rights and investments. As a player in the real estate market, you want the most trusted, experienced and well-respected support in the industry. The Law Offices of Steven Gourley offers counsel, advocacy and expert witness testimony to mortgage companies, title companies, mortgage investors, financial institutions, real estate lenders and real estate brokers.

Leading the industry with a proven record of results

Since 1981, we have provided legal counsel and support in the mortgage industry. This long-term involvement gives us an advantage and an edge when representing clients and has made us an expert’s expert when it comes to California mortgage law. In addition to our private practice, we also helped draft one of the regulations that continue to guide the industry today.

Real estate lending services

Real estate lending can mean big business and significant profits. However there are many traps for the unwary. Improper documents and support for a loan can result in delays, disputes and significant financial losses. Our firm is experienced in all aspects of the real estate lending business. We represent commercial lenders, banks, developers, buyers, sellers and other parties in the real estate lending process.

Assistance with real estate fraud issues

In the complex real estate industry, fraud is a growing concern for lenders, consumers and government agencies. Our firm assists lenders, brokers, buyers, sellers and other businesses with regulatory compliance. Our primary attorney is also a go-to resource for lawyers facing complex real estate fraud disputes.

Serving as an expert witness

Attorney Steven Gourley offers his services as an expert witness in real estate disputes, from investigation and discovery through trial. He is able to provide highly informed and detailed testimony to lend credibility and leverage a stronger position for his clients. With more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Gourley advises other attorneys on issues related to commercial hard money lenders and mortgage fraud.

Call a trusted Los Angeles real estate law firm and expert witness

The Law Offices of Steven Gourley is dedicated to offering the best in service and personal attention. Call our firm today at 424.286.9246 or contact us online to get started. We remain mindful of your objectives and work toward the most timely and cost-effective resolution to your legal issues.