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I Have Seen Thousands Of Real Estate Brokers’ (REBs) Advertisements

Over the last forty years, I have seen, literally, thousands of Real Estate Brokers' (REBs) advertisements: on television, in local and regional newspapers, in direct mail, in brochures, magazines, on bus benches, and over the internet.

These ads are usually for real property loans. Some are for simple purchase or sale transactions of real property: a lot, a house, an apartment building, or a liquor store. Most, given that I am a mortgage attorney and a homeowner, are for home loans. The REBs have taken salesperson exams, served as salespersons, studied for broker exams, paid fees, taken the broker exams, and spent 100's of hours in continuing education courses, or colleges, to maintain their broker's license.

So why do so many real estate brokers send out so many ads without pointing out to the intended client that they ARE Real Estate Brokers? If I were a real estate broker, and had put so much time and effort into becoming a Real Estate Broker, I would point it out every chance I get. In addition, of course, it is a violation of Business & Professions (B&P) Code Section 10235.5 for a Real Estate Broker to send out any ads which do NOT state the license and the license number of the Real Este Broker. The disclosure of your REB license, and your license number are required in email or any sort of electronic communication in which you seek business or customers for activities which require a real estate li- cense. Department of Real Estate Regulation 2770. Of course, Section 10235.5 now also requires you to disclose the “unique identifier” assigned to you by the Nationwide Mortgage Lic ensing System. (See, also, Section 10236.4 of the B&P Code.)

So why not celebrate your REB license in each of your advertisements? Why not have both "Licensed by the DRE" and "License No. 11111" on the front page of your website? And in the evitable tag on your website that says "About Us?" In describing your business, what could possibly be more important than telling your prospective clients that you are LICENSED to do what you do? Believe me, there are a lot of unlicensed people in the world who would LOVE to say that they ARE licensed even when they are not. Remember, not only is this disclosure required by the Department of Real Estate, people who do not have an REB license are prohibited from both advertising for loan transactions and advertising themselves as REBs.

You have earned the right and privilege to call yourself a LICENSED Real Estate Broker. Why not advertise that whenever you can?

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